Deb Agliano recently served as our real estate broker in the sale of a 2-family house in West Medford. Deb was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, and very responsive. She distinguished herself by showcasing her knowledge of and extensive use of the internet in her marketing plan for our property. She delivered on an excellent video production of the ‘walk thru’ of the 2-family house. She also did her homework, and created a realistic price target for the selling of the property. Her extensive marketing of the property through the various internet channels created the initial traffic of qualified buyers that our property had 3 different offers in the course of the first 3 weeks. During the process, Deb was prompt in her reply to our many questions. We had 4 sellers who owned the house, and Deb provided prompt, professional and incisive responses to our questions. Deb made selling our house an enjoyable and profitable experience. Our house sold within 3% of our asking price. — Steve B.

Debra Agliano has shown herself to me as a bright, energetic and well focused real estate professional who is also honest, patient, and perceptive of nuance. She sold my home in 38 days under challenging market conditions, and in that time I found that her mission statement reflected her capacities genuinely. Given who she is and the careful efforts she gave to this client and sale process, I would recommend her most highly to any of my friends in need of real estate expertise. –Kay W.

As first time condo sellers and then first time home buyers Deb was a wealth of information for both circumstances. She was patient, informative, and extremely helpful to us during the entire process! We’ll be in our new home for a while, but when the day comes when we need to move again we’ll definitely call upon Deb. –Jess F. and Robert J.

Our seller’s agent has done a brilliant job. She’s very tech savvy and our listing is head and shoulders above the rest. . .She’s very good with the camera and even shot some steady-cam video to give people a feel for the transitions between the rooms. –Stacy C. and Jo J.

May I say touche on the video – you are in the wrong business…..the music – the drama of the door opening – oh god it is all tremendous – no wonder you have that “guarantee” – who could ever complain about your efforts or service??????

You have made this process so much easier on me, you cannot imagine how far your patience and time goes with someone like me…..It just makes life a little easier and that is the whole point right??? — Janet O.

Debra was amazing in both the sale of our home and the purchase of a new one. She truly helped make our transition very smooth, despite all our worries. Debra’s dedication and commitment to her clients is unbelievable. –-Laurie and Sean O

Debra is one of the most ethical, hardworking, knowledgeable real estate brokers I have come across. Her communication, availability and follow through is refreshing. When Debra says she will do something, I know it will get done. — Michael E.

Deb’s dedication & enthusiasm to selling our home was above and beyond our expectations. It was apparent that Deb enjoys her occupation a great deal. She assisted us in ideas for the preparation of our house, marketed the house, closed the sale and assisted with every detail up to the closing and beyond. It was a pleasure to team up with such a professional. — Paul and Meredith D.

I am a person who is very detailed and Debra satisfied my every need. She kept in contact and let me know what was happening. I never had to call for a status. Debra is professional, courteous, intelligent and very friendly. — Mary Ann S.

Deb Agliano represents the real estate world’s version of the perfect storm. Her vast knowledge and experience are fueled by high winds of enthusiasm and tempered with her equally high levels of personal attention and responsiveness. I truly felt like my sale and new purchase were the only transactions she was handling. My report card: Professionalism, A+. Integrity, A+. Knowledge of the market, A+. I would never buy or sell property without her, and neither would my cat Ruby. — Lisa W.

Deb made the stress of selling and buying a home so much easier to manage. She worked extremely well and efficiently with us from start to finish. We would use and recommend her without any reservations whatsoever! — Karen H.

Debra could not possibly do her job any better!! I am thrilled with the results — Craig H.