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More People Living in Medford & Somerville

If you’ve been looking around Medford or Somerville lately and think that you are seeing more people, you’re right. Although some parts of Massachusetts are losing population, according to the U.S. Census, our area is growing. The Boston Business Journal has put together an interesting map showing how much population […]

Medford – High Decrease In Foreclosures

Although The Boston Globe has just reported that foreclosures in Massachusetts increased 32% in 2010 over the rate of home foreclosures in 2009, Medford has bucked the trend. The Globe ranked the 10 cities with the highest increase in foreclosures and the 10 cities with the highest decrease in foreclosures. […]

Cambridge & Somerville Make Young People’s List

I’m proud to say that both Cambridge and Somerville are honored on the “100 Best Communities For Young People” list by America’s Promise Alliance (a group founded to improve the lives of children). This is the second time that Somerville has made the list. Both cities have an impressive list […]

Somerville named one of best communites for young people

Real Estate Statistics for Somerville

Somerville Real Estate Update

Although it’s currently snowing as I look outside my window, the spring real estate market is already beginning in Somerville. Somerville Housing Stats February 2010 These numbers wouldn’t be complete without looking at the average days on the market that it takes for a property to sell. Average Days On […]

Medford Historic Home Seminars

Do you have an older home and want to know information about it’s history as well as ideas on historic preservation and upkeep? Then you won’t want to miss Medford Historic Home seminars by the Medford Historical Society. On Saturday, October 17th at 10:00 AM at the Royal House Slave […]

Arlington Real Estate Market

Today I sharpened my pencil and did some number crunching on current market conditions in Arlington. Although there are some real estate markets that have felt a major impact from the current recession, Arlington Massachusetts isn’t one of them. Arlington Real Estate Statistics as of September 2009 Since looking at […]

Somerville Market Update

It’s time to do some number crunching on the Somerville real estate market. Here’s what the lastest statistics look like: Somerville Housing Stats August 2009 The numbers wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t also look at the average Days on Market which are: Single Family Homes – 71 Condos – […]

Condo Market Update

Today I was in the mood to do some number crunching, so I took a look at the condo market and what’s been happening over the last 6 months. * There are a wide variety of condos in each city. They range from small associations in converted 2 or 3 […]

Real Estate Market Inventory Update

I find that number crunching really helps me get a good handle on the real estate market. Today I decided to focus in on the single family homes market to show you what’s going on in my main market areas: Sometimes seeing all of the numbers at once can be […]

State of the Somerville Market

It’s time to cast the spotlight on the city of Somerville and see what’s going on in the real estate market. Spring is here (although the weather seems more like summer) and I thought it would be interesting to compare the number of properties for sale this spring with what […]

Real Estate Market Update Meford MA

Spring is in the air, but we’re not seeing a “typical” spring market, at least not yet in Medford. Spring is historically when the most number of buyers come out to look at homes. Normally by April there is a frenzy of sellers putting their homes on the market to […]

Real Estate Market Update – Stoneham MA

The spring market is starting off a bit slow in Stoneham. Here are the latest statistics for the housing market: Real Estate Statics for Stoneham MA as of April 2009 Let’s compare these figures to what was happening in December (which reflects the fall market in Stoneham) Real Estate Statics […]

Market Update – Winchester, MA

The real estate market in Winchester, Massachusetts is currently a mixed bag. Here’s what the latest housing figures look like: Real Estate Market Snapshot as of March 2009 As I’ve mentioned before in my blog, Winchester doesn’t have many multi family homes, so if you’re not familiar with the area, […]

Real Estate Market Update – Melrose MA

When I think of Melrose, I instantly think of its lovely Victorian downtown area that looks like it’s something from a Dickens story. Thankfully as the snow melts it’s looking less like Christmas and feels like spring might really be coming! The real estate market in Melrose has slowed down, […]

Medford Home Energy Seminar

Looking for ways to cut your energy usage and save some money? On March 4th there will be a free seminar at Medford City Hall called Introduction To Home Energy Savings. They’ll be going over inexpensive solutions you can do yourself. Introduction to Home Energy Savings Wednesday March 4th from […]