Other Stuff

What Color to Paint?

Have you had this experience like me?  You finally choose a color from the overwhelming myriad of paint samples, spend the day painting, step back once the paint has dried and then realize it’s not the color you thought it would be?  It shouldn’t have to be that difficult but […]

Twittering The Election from WBUR

I’m excited to tell you that tomorrow night I’ll be at WBUR, our local National Public Radio station, where I’ll be on Twitter giving my take on what’s happening in the election. Follow me and join in the election conversation at www.Twitter.com/DebOnTheWeb. This is such an important election – between […]

Breaking a Brick for Cancer Research 2

On this Friday, June 6th, join me a Hormel Stadium for the Medford/Somerville Relay for Life from the American Cancer Society. Not only will I be walking the track with my team, The North Stars headed by Barbara North, but I’ll also be part of a karate demonstration from the […]

Gift Giving

The Gift of Time

Recently 3 of my nieces turned 10, 11 and 12. They are all wonderful girls, growing into beautiful women. They also have lots of “stuff”. With the holiday season approaching, I told them I thought they had enough “stuff” and instead of a present, they were going to have the […]

Organic Weed Killer

I believe that the less chemicals we have in our lives, the better. This weekend Frank and I tried a new weed killer we read about online. Instead of using a synthetic chemical, we used vinegar. Yes, just regular old vinegar like Grandma used to use. We put it in […]

Take Time Out For Friends 1

It seems like life just keeps getting busier and busier. Do you ever feel if you wrote down everything you’re “supposed to” or “need” to accomplish that you’d never stop writing, never mind finish the list? Okay, so it’s good to know I’m not alone. 6 months ago Frank’s beautiful […]