Craigs List “Account Suspension” Scam

Craigs List is a great tool. I use it to help spread the word about the properties I have for sale and seminars I run. I’ve had clients use it to sell furniture they no longer need when they’re selling a home and buyers use it to get great deals on things they need for their new homes. It’s a perfect way to recycle and reuse to everyone’s benefit. Unfortunately whenever something is successful, scammers come up with a way to try to make a buck on it.

One of the lastest scams is a phishing email telling you that your Craigs List Account has been suspended.
Craigs List

Notice that it looks like it’s truly coming from Craigs List, but it’s not. The link looks legitimate, but when you hover your mouse over it, you can see that’s if you clicked, it would take you to another site, not to Craigs List. The problem is the other site looks just like Craigs List. It’s a phishing site and the scammers are fishing to get the login information to your Craigs List account. Let them pull in their line and find it empty. Don’t fall for this scam!