Does Google Know 2 Much About U?

Okay, I admit it – Google has some very good products that I would have trouble giving up, but as they get bigger and bigger, I’m not sure how comfortable I am with so much of my informaiton in the hands of one company.  Google has just come up with Dashboard.  This new service lets you see how many different Google accounts you have and what the company stores about you. 

Think they don’t know much about your life?  Obviously if you use Google Docs, Gmail, Google Alerts or Google Analytics, these are Google products.  But Google has also bought up Picassa, YouTube, Blogger and Feedburner as well. 

The good news is Dashboard gives you easy access to your privacy settings for each of your accounts. 

Of course, Google is touting this as a great thing, but I’m still feeling the hand of Big Brother.  What do you think?