Heading Home Up & Out Move – Donations Needed

If you’ve never been to the Medford Family Life Education Center on the corner of Central Ave. and Park St., it is a wonderful place working to end homelessness in Greater Boston. They do a great job helping families get back on their feet and then moved on into places of their own.

I’ve just received an email asking for donations to help a young single mother and her 2 children as they move into their own apartment in Malden on November 1st. Please take a look at the information from the email below and see how you can help out:

Angelica is a 22-year-old single mom with two children, Ozzie (2) and Erica (5). Currently, she is going to school for her GED in order to eventually work in the hotel industry with a focus on customer service. Angelica and her children have been living in our MFLEC for 14 months while meeting with Liz Rohrer, her case worker to complete her housing applications. She and her children have never lived on their own before, but are very excited and nervous. Heading Home would like to make their transition into their new home as comfortable as possible for them, and we need your help.


Is your attic, basement, garage, parent’s home or storage unit stuffed with “good” stuff? Do you have a surplus of any of the items listed below that you wish to donate? Please ensure that they are in new or “like new” condition.

Remember, gift cards make a terrific donation: Stop & Shop/Shaw’s, Target or Wal-Mart, please. Cash also works!

Please Note some of their likes:

Angelica’s favorite color is pink, all shades of pink. She also likes flowers.

Erica’s favorite color is also pink. She loves Dora the Explorer and the character “Boots”, playing with cars, Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman, and soccer.

Ozzie loves cars and trucks, and the movie “Cars”.

Both kids love Disney books.

Heading Home Donation Needed, Home in Malden, MA

*Please note that the unit cannot accommodate large pieces of furniture.

Please contact Stacey Gordon, Volunteer Coordinator with donation information: sgordon@headinghomeinc.org or 617-864-8140. For furniture donations, we will need confirmation of your donation by Monday, October 20th. For all other donations, we will need confirmation by Monday, October 27th. Let’s make their move into their new home a wonderful time for them to remember! Please pass this along to colleagues, friends and family that might be able to help.

Thank you for all your support and effort on behalf of the Heading Home Outreach Council.