Using QR Codes to Sell Homes

QR code lets buyers scan the image with their cell phone to get full information on the house for saleHave you started to notice QR codes like this one? QR stands for Quick Response. These 2 dimensional pictures are a new form of bar code which can be scanned using a cell phone and one of the many free bar code apps. QR codes bridge print advertising with mobile media and make it easy for potential buyers to get full information on a house for sale.

I use these codes on sign riders to capture the interest of people driving by the house. I also use the codes on flyers, in mailers and on the business cards I print up for each home for sale.

Each cell phone and even each model has an bar code app that works best for it, so do a search for your make and model phone and download the app that works best for your model. Once you have the app, give it a try on this code.

QR code for house for sale at 48 Brookings St Medford MA.

Depending on your phone, you’ll either be taken directly to the full website on the house or the mobile version.

New tech tools keep coming out that help me spread the word about homes I have for sale. QR codes are cool, fun and useful – the best type of technology!