Why Didn’t My House Sell?

There are many reasons why a house doesn't sell. To help get a better understanding of what went wrong with your house, take the following quiz and see immediately how you score:

Was your house listed at market value or slightly below?
Were all obvious repairs done before house was marketed?
Were there any seller contingencies? (For example, subject to finding suitable housing)
Did a professional photographer photograph your house?
Did your house have a full-motion walk through video on YouTube and other online video sites?
Did your house have it's own website?
Was all online marketing for your house responsive so that it looked great on phones, tablets as well as large screens?
Was your house always clean and clutter free for showings?
Did you use a lockbox for easy showings?
Did you leave the house for all showings so the buyers could feel comfortable seeing if your house was right for them?
Were your pets out of the house for showings?
Was your house easy to show, even on short notice?
Did you have a sign in front of your house?
Did your house have its own business card for you you and your agent to give out?
Was the description of your house exciting?
Did your house have multiple photos, a video and a Featured Tour on Realtor.com?
Did you offer a 50% split to cooperating agents?
Was your house a Featured Listing on major real estate web portals like Zillow and Trulia?
Did you include extras like the window treatments, and washer and dryer?
Did you offer an above market commission?