When Was That Showing On Our House?!

There’s a lot to think about when you’re selling a house. You or your agent have done a good spreading the word about your house for sale and now you’re getting showings. It’s exciting and nerve-racking. The best place for you to be when buyers are looking at your home is not in the house. Buyers need to feel comfortable trying your house on for size before they’ll decide to buy it. You also want to make sure the house looks its best, so it’s important to stay on top of the showings you’re receiving.

I use a showing service called MAPass to make sure we both stay on top of what’s happening at your house. You’ll receive a call and an email about every showing. You can confirm appointments by phone, by responding to an email or online. We can block times so the house can’t be shown if there’s a time that isn’t convenient for you.

A calendar of all showings and feedback of your house for sale helps keep you organized

In this calendar of a house I’ve already sold, the blue houses are for appointments. The red house was an appointment that was cancelled and each green house is feedback from a prior showing.

I was showing a house last night and had scheduled the appointment 3 days before with the listing office. They didn’t use a showing service. When I rang the doorbell, a frazzled homeowner opened the door. Either she had forgotten about the appointment or someone at the listing office hadn’t called, either way, she wasn’t ready for the showing. I want to make sure that never happens to one of my clients.