Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke DetectorsWhether you’re selling your house or not, it’s important to keep your family safe with the property smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. When you are selling a property in Massachusetts, the local fire department has to come do an inspection to ensure that you have the property detectors in the right place and that they are functioning correctly. One of the service I offer my clients is to purchase and install the right detectors.

Sadly I find many homes that have 20 year old detectors or smoke detectors with no batteries in them. If a house has a carbon monoxide detector, at most I find one or two.

Here’s what you need to keep your family safe:

  • A smoke detector on each level of your house – if it’s near a kitchen or bathroom, the detector should be a photoelectric detector (This type won’t go off when you’re cooking or taking a shower.)
  • A smoke detector no more than 10 feet away from each bedroom door
  • A carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your house – there are both plug in and battery powered carbon monoxide detectors. If you purchase a plug in type, make sure it has a battery backup. If the power goes out – you want to make sure your detector will still function!
    • The list above are the minimum requirements. New construction now requires homes to have hard wired smoke detectors in the places I mention above and additionally inside each bedroom.

      I see too many people wait until they are selling their home to install the correct smoke detectors. Help keep yourself and your family safe by taking care of it now. (I’ll step off my soap box now!)